A Beautiful He

Well, well, what do we have here? It's International Men's Day. If you're hearing about that for the first time, don't feel bad. Not all countries celebrate it, and just as it happens with several other gender-specific celebrations, men are not having their fair share of attention. On behalf of the world, I apologise. You … Continue reading A Beautiful He


A Beautiful Mess

Last week I got reunited with someone I had not seen in a decade. So we started talking, trying to fill each other up on what had happened in the many years between us. At a point, she looked at me and said something that my brain interpreted as "Wow, I thought your life would … Continue reading A Beautiful Mess

Love Is (Not)

Love is not a sugary poem borrowed from Romeo and Juliet; not a head-swelling, heart-throbbing song rendered on one knee while fingers deftly made a guitar sing. It is not a drawer full of sheets— brown paper, white paper, crisp paper, damp paper, signed paper, scented paper— rife with similes, metaphors, and sweet nothings. Love … Continue reading Love Is (Not)

Why Orthopaedic Surgeons in Nigeria Are Renowned for Amputating Limbs

An orthopaedic surgeon was speaking with some of my colleagues and me earlier today, and though it was a different topic entirely, in the course of the discussion, we mentioned in passing how orthopaedic surgeons are said to be fond of cutting people's limbs off. You have probably heard it, or even told someone who … Continue reading Why Orthopaedic Surgeons in Nigeria Are Renowned for Amputating Limbs